Reducing Carbon Footprint in Pilot Plant Operations

Reducing Carbon Footprint in Pilot Plant Operations

In the face of climate change, industrial operations are under increasing pressure to adopt sustainable practices. Reducing carbon footprint is crucial for mitigating environmental impact and fostering a more eco-friendly future. Economy Solutions recognizes the significance of this global challenge and is dedicated to pioneering sustainable technologies in the realm of pilot plant operations. 

We stand at the forefront of sustainable innovation, acknowledging the environmental responsibility within industrial practices. Our commitment revolves around developing and offering pilot plant technologies that not only meet industry needs but also adhere to high standards of energy efficiency and environmental consciousness.

Liquid-Liquid Extractor (LLE) Pilot Plant

Liquid-Liquid Extraction (LLE) is a fundamental separation technique employed across diverse industries, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and oil and gas. It involves transferring a desired component from one liquid phase to another, immiscible phase. Economy Solutions’ LLE pilot plant embodies this technique, showcasing its versatility in addressing various industrial needs.

Features and Benefits of Economy Solutions’ LLE Pilot Plant

Our LLE pilot plant is designed to exemplify efficiency and precision. With a shell housing an eccentric agitator, it facilitates a seamless transfer of components between liquid phases. The pilot plant incorporates inline mixing and separators, ensuring optimal outcomes. Its adaptability to diverse processes makes it a valuable asset for industries seeking advanced separation solutions.

Versatility of LLE in Separating, Purifying, and Recycling Liquids

Beyond mere separation, LLE proves highly versatile, excelling in tasks such as purification and recycling. Economy Solutions’ LLE pilot plant serves as a comprehensive tool for addressing complex liquid processing challenges, providing an all-encompassing solution for industries aiming to optimize their processes sustainably.

Energy-Efficient Design and Materials Used for Durability

Economy Solutions places a premium on energy efficiency and durability. Our LLE pilot plant incorporates an energy-efficient design, minimizing energy consumption while maximizing performance. Crafted from high-quality materials, including stainless steel, the pilot plant ensures longevity and reliability in the demanding industrial environment.

III. Rising Film & Falling Film Evaporator Pilot Plant

Overview of Evaporator Technology and Its Applications

Evaporator technology plays a pivotal role in various industries, facilitating the concentration, purification, and recovery of solvents from heat-sensitive liquids. Economy Solutions’ Rising Film & Falling Film Evaporator Pilot Plant stands as a testament to this innovative technology, offering a compact and efficient solution for testing and optimizing evaporator performance.

Features and Advantages of Economy Solutions’ Evaporator Pilot Plant

Our evaporator pilot plant, with its skid-mounted design, encompasses features that make it a standout choice for industries exploring evaporator technology. Compact and efficient, it boasts a low residence time, ensuring high recovery rates of solvents. The external condenser enhances the efficiency of the drying process, contributing to reduced environmental impact and operational costs.

Applications in Chemical Processing, Food, Pharmaceuticals, and Solvent Recovery

The versatility of the evaporator pilot plant extends across diverse applications. In chemical processing, it aids in separating and purifying liquids, while in the food and pharmaceutical industries, it proves indispensable for concentrating juices, removing water from food products, and recovering solvents used in production. Additionally, it serves as a cost-effective solution for solvent recovery, aligning with sustainability goals.

Sustainability Aspects: Reducing Solvent Consumption and Disposal Costs

Economy Solutions’ evaporator pilot plant aligns with sustainability objectives by significantly reducing solvent consumption and disposal costs. The technology’s ability to recover solvents efficiently translates into a greener approach, contributing to environmental conservation and promoting responsible industrial practices.

IV. Single Stage Short Path Distillation Unit (SPDU) Pilot Plant.

Distillation as a Widely Used Process in Various Industries.

Distillation stands as a cornerstone process in diverse industries, including chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, and research and development. The separation of components through heat and mass transfer is a fundamental requirement, and Economy Solutions addresses this need with its Single Stage Short Path Distillation Unit (SPDU) Pilot Plant.

Introduction to Economy Solutions’ SPDU Pilot Plant

Our SPDU pilot plant exemplifies the efficiency and adaptability demanded by various applications. With inbuilt vapor separators and a vacuum system, it ensures precise and high-quality distillation, making it a preferred choice for industries seeking advanced distillation solutions.

Applications in Chemical Processing, Food, Pharmaceuticals, and R&D

Chemical processing benefits from the SPDU in separating a wide range of substances effectively. In the food and pharmaceutical sectors, it proves invaluable for purifying ingredients and compounds. Furthermore, its suitability for research and development, pilot plant, and lab scale-up applications positions it as a versatile solution.

Customization Options and Suitability for Heat-Sensitive Products

Economy Solutions’ SPDU pilot plant offers customization options, allowing industries to tailor the distillation process to their specific needs. Its suitability for heat-sensitive products, coupled with the ability to operate at low pressures and temperatures, underscores its adaptability across diverse sectors. This customization ensures that it meets the unique requirements of each application.

V. Agitated Thin Film Evaporator (ATFE) Pilot Plant

Economy Evaporators’ Focus on Energy-Efficient Designs

At Economy Evaporators, a commitment to energy efficiency drives our designs. The Agitated Thin Film Evaporator (ATFE) Pilot Plant exemplifies this commitment, incorporating a vertical shell and tube heat exchanger and a vapor-liquid separator. This innovative design minimizes pressure drop, reduces energy consumption, and ensures product integrity — essential features in contemporary, sustainability-focused industrial practices.

In-Depth Look at the Agitated Thin Film Evaporator (ATFE) Technology

The ATFE technology, also known as a Wiped Film Evaporator, is a cornerstone in chemical and pharmaceutical industries for the efficient concentration, purification, and recovery of solvents from heat-sensitive liquids. The technology operates by passing a liquid feed through a distributor plate on an internally-heated wall, creating a thin film agitated by a high-speed rotor. This process, combined with a vapor-liquid separator, results in superior performance.

Features and Benefits of ATFE Pilot Plant by Economy Evaporators

Our ATFE pilot plant, available on a rental basis, boasts features that make it an ideal choice for industries seeking a reliable testing ground. Compact, with a footprint of just 0.5 square meters, and suitable for feed rates of 10-20 liters per hour, this pilot plant provides scalable data for industrial applications. It operates at low pressures and temperatures, ensuring efficient testing of heat-sensitive materials.

Applications in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

The applications of ATFE extend across chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, where precise separation and purification of substances are paramount. Its low residence time and ability to operate under low pressures and temperatures make it particularly suitable for heat-sensitive materials, offering a versatile solution for diverse applications.

VI. Agitated Thin Film Dryer (ATFD) Pilot Plant

Introduction to the Agitated Thin Film Dryer (ATFD) Pilot Plant

Economy Evaporators introduces the Agitated Thin Film Dryer (ATFD) Pilot Plant as a compact and efficient drying solution, available for rental. This pilot unit, designed for converting slurry or solution feed materials into a thin film, showcases Economy Evaporators’ dedication to providing versatile and effective industrial solutions.

Advantages of Testing Drying Processes Through Pilot Plant Trials

The ATFD pilot plant offers a platform to test and optimize drying processes before committing to a full-scale installation. This approach provides advantages such as the ability to identify and address potential issues early on, optimize operating conditions, and recover solvents efficiently. It empowers industries to make informed decisions based on trial results.

Flexibility and Customization Options for Specific Applications

Flexibility and customization are central to the ATFD pilot plant’s design. Its easy integration into existing production processes, minimal space requirements (0.5 m2 footprint), and a rotor-driven thin film drying mechanism offer the flexibility needed to cater to specific application needs. Customizable solutions ensure the pilot plant aligns with unique process requirements.

Environmental Impact: Solvent Recovery and Suitability for Heat-Sensitive Products

Economy Evaporators prioritizes environmental impact considerations. The ATFD pilot plant, with its solvent recovery capabilities and suitability for heat-sensitive products, emerges as an environmentally responsible choice. By minimizing solvent consumption and optimizing drying efficiency, the ATFD pilot plant contributes to sustainability goals within industrial operations.

VII. Lab Evaporator Set-up Pilot Plant

Economy Solutions’ Lab Evaporator Set-up, a versatile and compact pilot plant facility designed for conducting distillation trials on various heat-sensitive products. This innovative set-up provides a unique opportunity for industries to test and optimize distillation processes before committing to large-scale installations.

Features and Capabilities of Economy Solutions’ Lab Evaporator Pilot Plant

The Lab Evaporator Set-up is a comprehensive solution for distillation trials, featuring an SPDU (Short Path Distillation Unit) with a surface area of 0.02 m2, a cold trap, feeding arrangements, and glass receivers for distillate and concentrate. With a processing capacity of 1-2 liters per hour, it can be heated by thermic fluid or steam up to 300°C, achieving pressures as low as 0.001 mbar. This ensures efficient and effective distillation with minimal residence time.

Applications in Essential Oil Distillation, Flavors, Fragrances, and Pharmaceuticals

Versatility is a key attribute of the Lab Evaporator Set-up, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. From essential oil distillation to the purification of flavors, fragrances, and pharmaceuticals, this pilot plant caters to diverse industry needs. Its ability to handle heat-sensitive products adds to its utility in various sectors.

Trial and Rental Options for Informed Decision-Making

Economy Solutions offers the Lab Evaporator Set-up on a rental basis, providing industries with the flexibility to test the technology at their own facilities. This trial option allows businesses to gain hands-on experience, understand the technology’s nuances, and make informed decisions about potential full-scale installations. Our team offers installation, commissioning, and training support to ensure a seamless trial experience.

In conclusion, Economy Solutions stands committed to providing sustainable and efficient pilot plant technologies that empower industries to reduce their carbon footprint. From Liquid-Liquid Extractors to Evaporators and Distillation Units, our solutions prioritize energy efficiency, versatility, and environmental responsibility. We encourage industries to embrace eco-friendly solutions for a reduced carbon footprint. By incorporating pilot plant trials into their processes, businesses can make informed decisions, optimize operations, and contribute to a more sustainable future. Economy Solutions remains a dedicated partner in this journey toward environmentally conscious industrial practices.

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