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Economy Solutions provide Crossflow Filters with Ceramic, the most advanced in the market. The OMNIA filters can filter a wide range of products, obtaining the best clarity and product yield. Suitable for use in wine, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors. These filters use ceramic membranes and can withstand high temperatures, sterilization and cleaning with aggressive chemicals. Fully automated working process, and remote control option through an Android device. Available in various sizes with customizable options to meet specific client needs.

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Crossflow filters with ceramic membranes are a type of filtration equipment used in winemaking to clarify and stabilize wine. These filters work by passing the wine through a ceramic semi-permeable membrane at a high velocity, allowing the clear wine to pass through while retaining solid particles and impurities.

Ceramic membranes have a number of advantages for use in crossflow filters for winemaking. They are highly durable, resistant to high temperatures, and have a high chemical resistance. They also have a larger pore size than other types of membranes, which allows for more efficient filtration and lower pressure drop.

Ceramic membranes are known for their high chemical resistance, high thermal stability, high mechanical strength and their ability to withstand high pressure and high flow rate. Ceramic membranes can also be used in a wide range of pH and temperature conditions, which makes them suitable for different types of wines.

The pore size of the ceramic membrane plays a critical role in the filtration efficiency of the crossflow filter. Larger pore size allows for more efficient filtration and lower pressure drop, but also increases the risk of larger particles passing through the membrane. Smaller pore size increases the retention of impurities but also increases the pressure drop.


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