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We offers a variety of heat exchangers that are fabricated using a range of materials, including stainless steel of all grades, Hast C-276, Hast C- 22, Duplex steel, Titanium, and 904 L. These heat exchangers are essential for processing plants and are designed to achieve high heat transfer coefficients. Whether you need a heat exchanger for a small scale operation or a large industrial process, Economy Solutions has a solution that will meet your needs.

Heat Exchangers find applications in:

  • Condenser
  • Cooler
  • Pre Heater

Variants in Heat Exchangers

Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger

Spiral Heat Exchanger

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Frequently Asked Questions


A heat exchanger is a device that is used to transfer heat from one fluid to another. It consists of a series of tubes or plates through which the two fluids flow, separated by a barrier that allows the heat to be transferred but not the fluids themselves.

There are several types of heat exchangers, including: 

  • Shell and tube heat exchangers 
  • Plate and frame heat exchangers 
  • Spiral heat exchangers
  •  Welded plate heat exchangers 
  • Brazed plate heat exchangers

Some common applications of heat exchangers include: 

  • HVAC systems, to transfer heat between the air and a fluid, such as water or refrigerant 
  • Power plants, to transfer heat between steam and a cooling fluid 
  • Chemical plants, to transfer heat between process streams 
  • Automobiles, to transfer heat between the engine coolant and the air

Yes, heat exchangers can be used for both heating and cooling. In a heating application, a heat exchanger can transfer heat from a source, such as a furnace or boiler, to a fluid, such as air or water, that is used to heat a building or process. In a cooling application, a heat exchanger can transfer heat from a fluid, such as a process stream or air, to a sink, such as ambient air or water, to cool the fluid.

Heat exchangers can be a cost-effective solution for certain applications, particularly those where they can be used to recover heat that would otherwise be wasted or to reduce the energy required to heat or cool a fluid. In some cases, the initial cost of the heat exchanger may be offset by the energy savings and other benefits it provides over its lifetime.


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