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Omnia B Cross-Flow filters are the perfect solution for efficient beer filtration and recovery of product from yeast sediments. Suitable for any brewery, our ceramic membrane filtration system offers multiple benefits including maintaining the taste, low costs, no waste disposal, low environmental impact and energy savings. The OMNIA-B filter can filter both yeast and beer, resulting in a product free of yeast and preserving the taste while minimizing product loss. Fully automatic, no supervision needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions


An Omnia B cross-flow filter is a type of filtration system that uses a combination of tangential flow and crossflow to filter impurities and particles out of beer. The beer is passed through a membrane, which acts as a filter, while the tangential flow and crossflow help to keep the membrane clean and efficient.

Omnia B cross-flow filters for beer making typically use a type of membrane called a microfiltration (MF) or ultrafiltration (UF) membrane. These types of membranes are made from materials such as polysulfone or ceramic and have small pores that allow beer to pass through while trapping impurities and particles.

The flow rate of beer through the filter can affect the efficiency of the Omnia B cross-flow filter. Higher flow rates can lead to increased pressure on the membrane, which can cause it to become clogged more quickly. Lower flow rates can result in longer filtration times, which can also affect the efficiency of the filter.

Omnia B cross-flow filters used in beer making should be cleaned regularly to ensure they remain efficient. The cleaning process typically involves using a cleaning solution, such as caustic soda or acid, to remove any buildup on the membrane. The filter should then be rinsed with water to remove any traces of the cleaning solution.

A membrane in an Omnia B cross-flow filter for beer making should be replaced when it becomes clogged or damaged. Additionally, if the flow rate of beer through the filter becomes significantly reduced, it may be time to replace the membrane.

Yes, Omnia B cross-flow filters can be used for a wide range of liquids, including wine, juice, and other types of beverages.

The temperature of the beer can affect the efficiency of the Omnia B cross-flow filter. Colder temperatures can cause the beer to become more viscous, which can make it more difficult for it to pass through the membrane. Warmer temperatures can cause the beer to expand, which can also affect the efficiency of the filter.

Yes, Omnia B cross-flow filters can be used in both large and small breweries, as they are versatile and efficient systems that can be scaled to meet the needs of any size brewery.

Omnia B cross-flow filters can be more expensive than other types of filters, such as gravity filters, due to their advanced technology and the


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