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Our NDC Crusher Destemmer, the perfect solution for separating grapes from stems while preserving the quality of the crushed grapes. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the NDC crusher destemmers feature standard fittings that make cleaning procedures efficient.We offer range of models, from NDC 8 (80 q/h) to NDC 105 (1000-1200 q/h) that cater to different production needs. Our Crusher-destemmers are suitable for both small and large scale wineries. Contact us today to learn more about how our NDC Crusher Destemmers can benefit your business and bring you optimal grape separation.

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Frequently Asked Questions


An NDC Crusher Destemmer is a machine that is used to separate the stems from the grapes before they are fermented. The machine uses a combination of crushing rollers and a destemming basket to gently crush and remove the stems fr

Removing the stems before fermentation is important because the stems can add a bitter or astringent taste to the wine. Additionally, the stems can also contain a high level of tannins which can affect the color and taste of the wine.

NDC Crusher Destemmers come in different models such as manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. The manual model is operated by hand, the semi-automatic model uses a motor to drive the rollers, and the fully automatic model uses a motor and an electronic control panel for complete automation.

The size of the grapes can affect the operation of the NDC Crusher Destemmer by influencing how easily the stems can be removed. Grapes that are larger in size may require more crushing pressure to remove the stems, while grapes that are smaller in size may require less pressure.

Yes, NDC Crusher Destemmers can be used for other types of fruits as well, such as berries, but it is important to note that the machine may need to be adjusted or modified to accommodate the different types of fruits.

It is recommended to clean the NDC Crusher Destemmer after each use to prevent the build-up of debris and bacteria, and to maintain the machine’s performance. Regular maintenance such as lubricating the gears and bearings should be performed as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

The advantages of using an NDC Crusher Destemmer in the winemaking process include more efficient and gentle removal of stems, increased consistency in the final product, and the ability to control the tannin levels in the wine.

The price of an NDC Crusher Destemmer can vary depending on the model, size, and features. The manual model will be cheaper than semi-automatic and fully automatic models. The price range can be from few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.


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