Innovative Continuous Sugar Dissolving Solutions

Capacity Range: 5000 LPH to 40000 LPH

Revolutionizing Sugar Dissolving with Cold Dissolving System

Economy Process Solutions pioneers a cutting-edge industrial process that revolutionizes sugar dissolution. Our Continuous Sugar Dissolving System ensures the seamless transformation of granulated sugar into a liquid solution, maintaining unwavering quality throughout the process. This innovative solution caters to a multitude of industries, including food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and chemical manufacturing, where precise control over sugar concentration, typically around 80 brix, is paramount.

Key Components of the Sugar Dissolver System:

  • Sugar Feeding with Controlled Inlet: The system begins with precise control over sugar intake, ensuring consistent and uniform sugar supply.
  • Mixing Chamber/Vessel: Sugar is introduced into a mixing chamber or vessel, where it is expertly combined with a water solvent, setting the stage for thorough dissolution.
  • Inline Agitation & Mixing: To achieve optimal dissolution, inline agitation and mixing techniques are employed. These processes break down sugar particles and ensure even dispersion within the liquid medium. 
  • Temperature Control: Maintaining the right temperature is essential for efficient sugar dissolution. Our system offers advanced temperature control capabilities to ensure the process is conducted at the ideal conditions.
  • Concentration Monitoring Devices (0-80 Brix): Real-time monitoring devices guarantee precise control over sugar concentration, maintaining it within the required range of 0-80 brix. 
  • Filtration and Purification: The system incorporates filtration and purification mechanisms to remove impurities and solid particles, resulting in a pure and high-quality sugar solution.
  • Final Simple Syrup Storage: The dissolved sugar solution is securely stored in a final storage unit, ready for further processing or packaging.

Advantages of Continuous Sugar Dissolving System:

  • Consistent Brix Levels: Our system consistently delivers the desired brix levels, ensuring product uniformity and quality.
  • Energy Efficiency: By operating at lower temperatures, our system reduces energy consumption and minimizes steam usage, contributing to cost savings.
  • Compact Design: The system’s compact design optimizes space utilization while maintaining high processing capacity.
  • Reduced Processing Time: Compared to traditional batch dissolving methods, our continuous system dramatically reduces processing time, enhancing overall production efficiency.

Comparative Analysis: Cold Dissolver vs. Batch Dissolving

Cold Dissolver (5000 LPH)

Batch Dissolving (5000 L)

Processing Capacity: 5000 liters per hour

Processing Capacity: 5000 liters per batch

Average Temperature: 40-45°C

Average Temperature: 85°C

Processing Time: 10-15 minutes

Processing Time: Average 2 hours

Steam Consumption: 153 kg/hr

Steam Consumption: Not applicable (No steam required)

Energy Consumption: 105 kW

Energy Consumption: 68 kW (heating) and 95 kW (cooling)

Operating Temperature: 25°C

Operating Temperature: 25°C

Our innovative Cold Dissolving System outperforms traditional batch dissolving methods in terms of processing speed, energy efficiency, and temperature control. It offers a sustainable and economical solution by saving process water and filtration residue for industries requiring precise sugar concentration control. By choosing Economy Process Solutions, you’re ensuring consistent quality and reducing operational costs in sugar dissolution processes.


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