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Economy Solutions provide Discharged Kieselgur Filters, the perfect solution for filtering wines and lees and improving brightness and finishing. Our exclusive horizontal disk system is widely used in winemaking and is trusted by thousands of wineries worldwide. Our filter ensures the cake remains intact even during accidental interruptions, with easy cake discharging, emptying, and cleaning, and minimal downtime for servicing.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The advantages of using a discharged Kieselgur filter include high efficiency and accuracy in removing particles and impurities, ability to maintain the wine’s natural character, and the ability to control the filter’s flow rate.

A discharged Kieselgur filter is a type of filtration system that uses diatomaceous earth, also known as Kieselgur, as the filter medium. The wine is pumped through the filter where the Kieselgur captures particles and impurities, resulting in a clearer and more stable wine.

The size of the winery can affect the choice of a discharged Kieselgur filter as larger wineries may require larger and more advanced filtration systems to handle higher volumes of wine.

It is recommended to clean and maintain a discharged Kieselgur filter after each use to ensure its performance and prolong the life of the filter medium. The frequency of cleaning and maintenance will depend on the usage, but it is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Yes, a discharged Kieselgur filter can be used for other types of liquids such as beer, juice, and even water. However, it is important to note that the filter medium and flow rate may need to be adjusted to accommodate different types of liquids.

The most common filter media used in discharged Kieselgur filter is diatomaceous earth (Kieselgur), other filter media that can be used are cellulose, perlite, and silica gel, but diatomaceous earth is the most common and efficient filter medium in the winemaking industry.

In a discharged Kieselgur filter, the Kieselgur filter medium is periodically discharged or replaced to remove the captured particles and impurities. This is typically done by reversing the flow of the wine and flushing the filter with water or air.

Filtration is important in winemaking because it removes particles and impurities that can cause spoilage or affect the wine’s appearance, aroma, and flavor. It also helps to stabilize the wine by removing yeast and bacteria.

Yes, there are several safety precautions to be taken when operating a discharged Kieselgur filter. The filter should always be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, and proper protective gear such as gloves and masks should be worn when handling the diatomaceous earth. Additionally, proper ventilation and dust control measures should be in place.

The price of a discharged Kieselgur filter can vary depending on the model, size, and features. The price range can be from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.


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