Advantages Of Continuous Over Batch Evaporation Process For Khoa Based Products

India is the highest milk producer country in the world, contributing almost 25% of total milk production worldwide. As Indians we always have craved for Indigenous sweets & mithais’ such as Gulab jamuns, Pedha, Barfi, Basundi, Rabadi etc. 

Each state has its own signature mithai’s, and variations of the same can be found by adding some local touches over length and width of the country. Currently there is an organized & unorganized market/sweet manufacturers, where more than 60% market is dominated by the unorganized sector.

Khoa is the base product used while making most of the Indian sweets & mithais. There is an overgrowing demand for khoa throughout the year, even more during the festive season. Making up for such a huge demand is practically impossible, as currently sweets manufacturers are heavily dependent on the batch method of making khoa in gas operated khoa vats or fire based kadhai. 

This batch operated method is quite time consuming, and certainly non hygienic. Due to growing demand for khoa and less supply due to use of time-consuming batch production methods, there are many cases of adulteration found during the festive season. 

To overcome this situation, Economy Process Solutions Pvt. Ltd,” has developed the continuous Falling Film Evaporator based system. It has following benefits over conventional batch methods

– Economy’s evaporator is a continuous type, where once the system is set then you can have a continuous output flow of condensed milk, Basundi or even khoa. In the Batch method, as the name says, it takes time to load milk in a kettle, then slow heating/evaporation, after unloading, cleaning etc.

– Capacity of Continuous Evaporation systems for condensed milk & Basundi can be designed from 500 LPH to 5000 LPH to cater to the needs of small, medium & large dairy & mithai manufacturing plants.

– Our continuous evaporator is completely hygienic and made from SS 304 or SS 316 material for all milk product contact parts and it has an inbuilt cleaning system. Mostly in batch method peoples use MS based material, which corrodes over time and is not easy to clean.

– In Economy evaporator, milk is heated under vacuum conditions. It has one of the most hygienic heating conditions in the industry. While in the batch method, heating is done in open vats in open atmospheric conditions. Depending upon how hygienically the dairy’s inside & surrounding is maintained, it can affect the overall product taste & quality of khoa.

– In a continuous evaporation system as mentioned above, that milk is heated under hygienic vacuum conditions, milk is boiled below boiling point at approx. 80° – 90° C. (Milk Boiling point is approx. 100° C). While it is a batch method, milk is boiled well above boiling point for a longer time. This can reduce the percentage of nutritional values in overall milk and finished khoa.

– In vacuum based continuous evaporation systems, the original aroma of milk is maintained as the whole operation is done in a closed loop system. Here you can collect the steam in the process, after condensation you can even recover pure water. While in the batch method, aroma cannot be recovered as it is an open system. During open heating, aroma goes out with steam generated during the continuous boiling process. Suppose, you have 1000 Ltrs milk and you want to concentrate it to 70% (700 Ltrs condensed milk). That means we need to evaporate 30% moisture from the milk. So, 30% moisture is approx. 250 – 300 Ltrs hot water.  This hot water you can recover in Economy’s continuous vacuum-based evaporator. This water can be used later for cleaning of the machineries. 

– Economy Vacuum based evaporation systems are designed as Fully Automatic, Semi-Automatic or Manual as per customers requirement and budget. Unlike batch systems, our continuous evaporation systems are process based logic systems, where once parameters are set then you can rely on machinery to give continuous & same quality production every time. 

While in the batch process, you need to heavily rely on the operator’s experience and efficiency. Also, as it is a batch method and purely based on operators’ skill, for every batch the quality of khoa differs.

Our expertise in different types of evaporation systems and years of systems installation experience, has enabled us to come up with this unique solution for the dairy industry. Other than milk, we have supplied many evaporation systems in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and paper industries. For more details you can visit our website or can visit our factory. For any enquiry, kindly contact our sales team on [email protected] or call on + 91 88284 39424

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