The Role of Pump Suction Pipe

The Role of Pump Suction Pipe

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Different components of your system play different roles. The role of your  vacuum pump suction pipe is also important.

You can’t choose a suction pipe randomly. In fact, the suction pipe influences the performance of your system greatly. Even the wrong length of the suction pipe can lead to some problems.

Friction Loss

One of the most important factors of efficiency the suction pipe influences is the friction loss. Many people make the mistake of overlooking friction loss.

When your pump moves the fluid from one point to the next, the fluid faces friction. This friction affects the efficiency of the mechanism.

The power of your pump can’t be exerted optimally due to this friction. Choosing the wrong suction pipe can lead to a considerable increase in friction loss.

You should choose the suction pipe and related components before buying a vacuum pump. This way you’ll be able to keep your components compatible.


Cavitation refers to the formation of bubbles in the fluid flowing through the pump. These bubbles form due to the sudden change in pressure in the different areas of the system.

When the pressure gets lower than the vapor pressure of the fluid, it begins to form vapor bubbles.

These bubbles can implode which can be very harmful to the components of the pump. The implosion releases a lot of energy which corrodes the pump severely.

To mitigate the risks of cavitation, you should keep the Liquid ring vacuum pump suction pipe short and direct as the length of the pipe affects the same.


The efficiency of your vacuum pump is another vital factor which depends on the suction pipe. The longer your suction pipe would be, the more the vacuum pump would have to work to flow the liquid.

This will require the pump to use more energy, leading to a considerable decrease in the efficiency of the system.

To keep your vacuum pump efficient, you will need to keep the suction pipe short.


As you must’ve noticed by now, the suction pipe is an important component of a vacuum pump. Not only does it affect the productivity of the system but it also affects is durability.

Be sure that you get the correct pipe size for your system.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this topic, feel free to share them with us.


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