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Milk Receiving and Storage Unit enable the safe and efficient delivery of milk from tank trucks, removal of air, cooling of the product, and recording of milk quantity being stored. Available in automatic and manual versions, and in two different variants, with a direct or vacuum-assisted uptake, at the customer’s request. They can also be ordered in a version pre-installed on skids. With various capacities from a minimum of 5,000 lt/h to a maximum of 50,000 lt/h, our unit is suitable for all situations.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The main mechanical components of a milk receiving and storage unit include the milk pump, the milk cooler, the milk storage tank, the milk level sensor, and the control valves.

The milk is cooled in a milk receiving and storage unit by passing it through a heat exchanger or milk cooler, where it is cooled to the desired temperature before being stored in the milk storage tank.

The typical materials of construction for the milk storage tank in a milk receiving and storage unit are stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and easy to clean.

The milk level in the storage tank is monitored and controlled using a milk level sensor, which sends a signal to the control system. The control system then adjusts the flow of milk into and out of the storage tank to maintain the desired level.

The primary function of a milk receiving and storage unit is to receive raw milk from the farms and store it at a safe and appropriate temperature until it is ready to be processed or packaged.

There are two types of milk storage systems used in a milk receiving and storage unit, including open-top tanks and closed-top tanks. Each type has its own advantages and is used for different purposes.


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