10 Things you should know before buying a Vacuum Pump

10 Things you should know before buying a Vacuum Pump

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The vacuum pump is a very critical component of a system. You must know exactly what kind of vacuum pump you need for your system.

Otherwise, it can lead to loss of efficiency and productivity. Deciding on the right vacuum pump is not difficult and knowing a few factors can help you in the process of making the right choice.

The following are the necessary points you should consider before buying a vacuum pump:

Flow Rate:

The flow rate of a pump refers to the volume of gas it displaces in a given time. Technically, it is denoted by Q and is measured in the units: m3/hr, m3/sec, or LPM. The air leakage rate and the carry over vapour rate need to be provided to determine this accurately.

Vacuum Level:

It is very important to know the vacuum level required. This helps determine the type of vacuum pump you require. Please do check if the vacuum level  is required at the system – in which case you need to add the pressure drop between there and the pump suction.  

Operational Temperature:

The operational temperature affects the health of your vacuum pump. You should consider the temperature at the working conditions of the pump.

The pump pulls in the air/vapour  from the system, therefore, extreme temperatures will have a direct impact on their performance.

Whether the temperature remains too high or too low, you should provide the pump with the required protection. Nevertheless, it would be better if you find a pump which can work optimally in your conditions.

Material Compatibility:

Will the vacuum pump work properly with the chemicals you use? Again, you will have to consider the type of pump you will be using. For example, Dry vacuum pumps can tolerate acidic as well as corrosive vapours.

On the other hand, liquid ring vacuum pumps can work well for applications having physical impurities and water vapour.

Required Lubricant:

Vacuum pumps require oil to keep them functional and efficient. Lubricant allows the vacuum pump’s components to work with lower friction and in some cases determines the vacuum level it can attain.

The lubricant also increases the lifespan of the pump. However, different vacuum pumps have different requirements for lubrication.

The working conditions and the type of pump influence this factor.

Evacuation Time:

The time it takes for the vacuum pump to create the necessary vacuum in the required system is called Evacuation time. You will have to consider this factor for operational purposes. Some applications require long evacuation time while others require the opposite.


Another technical factor you should be aware of is the power required to run the pump. The efficiency of the pump is an important criteria while selecting the pump determining running cost and also effects the cost of the control panel as well.

Controls of the Pump:

Will the pump be controlled manually or automatically? The controls of the pump depending on the kind of system you have in place. A PLC can be provided along with Vacuum and temperature transmitters.

Also, automatic pumps tend to cost higher but they are easier to operate and require less supervision.

The reputation of the Manufacturer:

It’s also vital to consider the reputation of the manufacturer. You should always buy from a reputed and experienced manufacturer.

Maintenance Cost:

You should check how much the spares of the vacuum pump will cost. It should be within your budget. And while you’re at it, you should also check the installation cost !

Consult an Expert:

You should not worry too much. If you are unsure as to which vacuum pump will suit your enterprise , you should consult an expert.

Feel free to contact us regarding your queries regarding vacuum pumps. Our experts would be happy to help you out.


We hope this article helped clear your doubts and assists you in finding the answers you are looking for next time you need to buy a Vacuum Pump. If you still have any questions, please contact us.

You can share this article with anyone who might find it useful as well. Let us know if this information helped !!


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